vpn下, Virginia's most popular lake, offers superb recreational activities, a wide variety of water sports on its 20,600 acres, and affordable lakefront and off-water real estate. Known locally as "SML," it is the "Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains". This insiders' guide by 19-year lake residents includes Smith Mountain Lake vacation and relocation information. It's a comprehensive guide - laid out as a continuous webpage so that you can print it out and bring it along when you visit the lake. Please also see our answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ.) The links on this webpage are unpaid, selected for their value to vacationers - and to those considering retirement or relocation somewhere along SML's 500 miles of shoreline.

SML Sunrise (June); Photo Copyright 2011 Brian Raub


Smith Mountain Lake Vacation Rentals

SML self-catering vacation rentals are offered by the week, long weekend, and month - directly from homeowners and from vacation rental property managers. Rental rates vary by season, size of rental, and included amenities. Most are bargains compared to other lakefront, oceanfront, and resort vacation rentals in the USA. For vacation lodging, check the hotels and B&Bs below, call an SML real estate company, or check online at Homeaway, VRBO, or AirBnB. Restaurants are plentiful, and there are two large supermarkets, so you won't go hungry!

Peak-season (June-August) rates for most waterfront Smith Mountain Lake vacation rentals run from $700-$4000/week, with size and amenities (rather than geographic location) the primary determinant of cost. Off-water rentals are bargains, and houseboat rentals (below) are another option. During peak season, you'll typically need to check in and out on a Saturday, and rent for a full week.

Mid-season (4-6 weeks preceding and following summer) you can expect warm pleasant weather, fewer visitors, modest discounts from peak rates, flexible check-in and check-out dates - plus weekend and daily rate options.

Low-season (generally mid-October through mid-April) you can expect mild weather, fewer visitors, discounts of 20%-50% on your vacation rental, flexible check-in and check-out dates - plus weekend, daily, and monthly rate options.

Some SML lakefront vacation rentals include a dock for your boat. Public and marina boat launching ramps are plentiful. If you can't bring your own, pontoon boat rentals start at $150/day. Most other power boats cost twice as much - PWCs (Seadoos, WaveRunners, etc.) and ski boats.


SML (March); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

SML is a beautiful and friendly place to visit all-year-round. If you're visiting for one week or longer, we recommend a vacation home rental. For shorter stays, consider these other lodging options, where summer (but non-holiday) rates are the highest rates shown:



Why is there a gorgeous, 40-mile long, 20,600 acre lake, with 500 miles of shoreline, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural southwestern Virginia? Because Smith Mountain Lake was created to generate electricity, and to help manage water flows downstream. The damming of the Blackwater and Roanoke Rivers formed this reservoir in a filling process that began on September 24, 1963 - and ended almost 2.5 years later on March 7, 1966. SML turned 50 in 2016!

SML's surface covers 32 square miles. Its highest normal water level ("full pond") is 795 feet above sea level. It holds about 200 billion gallons. There is typically very little seasonal variation in the water level. The daily variation for electricity production is 12-24 inches. During severe drought conditions, including 2007 and 2012, lake levels have fallen by five feet. Under extreme flood conditions, the water level could reach seven feet above full pond to the top of the Smith Mountain Dam, which itself is 802 feet above sea level. (The US Army Corps of Engineers publishes a daily water level report that is also available graphically over time.)

Surrounded by mountains, Smith Mountain Lake's deepest point is about 250 feet below full pond, near the dam itself. Its "average" depth is 55 feet (for more stats, see Lakes for Vacation and Recreation - Lakelubbers). Outside the lake's many coves in its main channel, 80-150 feet is typical. Water purity is excellent. Water temperatures invite swimming from May through September. Fishing tournaments abound; ESPN has sponsored some.

SML residents are friendly and helpful, and are exceptionally talented and generous volunteers of their time and other resources to local causes. The surrounding counties vote Republican, but the state of Virginia is dominated by Democrats.

Many retail stores and services are available around the lake. Most are located on or near Rt. 122, about five miles north and south of Hales Ford Bridge. There are two large, modern supermarkets, dozens of restaurants, a half-dozen banks, a dozen marinas, dozens of churches, a YMCA, a wellness center with a 25-yard swimming pool, two libraries, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, real estate brokers, attorneys, accountants, a Rotary Club, a Lions Club, and scores of independent retail stores. An urgent care center and a medical evacuation helicopter are located at Westlake, near the intersection of Routes 122 and 616. A second helipad is six miles away, at the Scruggs Volunteer Fire Department. Regional and community hospitals, including a regional heart and trauma center, are 30-45 minutes away from SML in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Bedford, and Rocky Mount. Exceptional teaching hospitals, at UVa and Duke, are 2-2.5 hours away.

Smith Mountain Lake in the Movies: The independent film Lake Effects (2012) is an inspiring tale of a young L.A. corporate attorney raised on and later returning to SML. What About Bob? (1991) features Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. A psychotherapist loses his mind after a compulsive patient follows him on his family vacation to SML - "misidentified" in the comedy as New Hampshire's "Lake Winnipesaukee." Lawless (2012) exaggerates Prohibition-era bootlegging violence in Franklin County, long acknowledged as "the moonshine capital of the world."
Smith Mountain Lake (January); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

The west end of SML, including the unincorporated town of Moneta, is closest to Roanoke, Virginia (population 100,000). The east end, including Huddleston, is closest to Lynchburg, Virginia (population 70,000). Both Roanoke and Lynchburg are within 30-60 minutes' drive time for most lake residents. Both cities provide convenient "big-city" amenities like large shopping malls - and modern regional airports where you can park your car within a five-minute walk of the terminal, and be driving home (with your checked luggage) 20-30 minutes after your flight hits the tarmac.

Smith Mountain Lake is home to about 21,000 permanent residents. It covers parts of three Virginia counties: Franklin County, vp下载, and Pittsylvania County. Average air temperatures are 73F in summer and 41F in winter. Annual rainfall averages 43 inches. Annual snowfall averages 10 inches; most snowfalls melt in a day or two.

For more tourism and relocation/retirement information, and for advice about business conditions and opportunities at the lake, call the SML Regional Chamber of Commerce at 540-721-1203.


Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate (May); Copyright 2011 Brian Raub

The lake offers a wide range of housing types and real estate prices, on the water and off. It's a great time to buy, with some lakefront homes available for as little as $300,000. Top realtors can show them to you by land or boat. Lakefront studio condos start at about $90K - while the most expensive lakefront homes, on gently-sloping lots with SML's best views, sell for $1 million or more. Smith Mountain Lake's market usually tops out at about $5 million.

With 500 miles of shoreline, you can find a first or second home in a quiet cove with just a few neighbors in sight - or retire to a well-planned community with shared or private amenities that include swimming pools, fitness facilities, boat slips with powered boat lifts, and golf courses.

SML's real estate market recently included off-water homes starting around $90K, plus about 300 lakefront and lake access homes for sale:

If you prefer to build your own Smith Mountain Lake home, about 300 lakefront lots are available. Some do not include the 100 feet of lakefront required to build a dock, but have nice views and access for your kayak or SUP:

SML Lakefront Home; Photo Copyright 2012 Brian Raub

Smith Mountain Lake real estate is diverse and affordable, especially when compared to similar real estate on the USA's coasts. You can buy a furnished home, and move in "tomorrow." For about $100K, you can buy a 300-500 square foot lakefront "studio" or 1BR condo with a lakeview. For $225K, you can get a 20-year-old 1200 square foot lakefront condo or townhouse. For $300K you may be able to snag an older 2BR-3BR lakefront home with 1,500 square feet, located on a shallow cove or a steep lot - or a modern, 2BR, 1,200 square-foot condo with a great view, boat slip, and golf privileges. $500K-$700K can buy you a well-maintained 3BR-4BR lakefront home with 3,000+ square feet, a dock with two boat slips and powered lifts, one acre of land and 200+ feet of waterfront. $750K+ buys a large and luxurious lakefront home with a mountainview and a deepwater dock, in a premium development with its own golf course. $1+ million buys one of the lake's 6,000+ square-foot luxury homes - possibly one that was featured on a recent SML Charity Home Tour.

Before you buy, check the lake depth at the dock. If a dock and the surrounding water don't have a depth of at least 9-10 feet at "full pond", you may be unable to use your boat during extended droughts, when water levels can drop by five feet or more. It can also be difficult to climb down (and back up) from a fixed dock to a floating dock ("floater") during drought; ask to see how access to your boat will be provided.

To see eight of the lake's most beautiful waterfront homes, attend the Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour. On the second weekend of October every year, hundreds of volunteers welcome many thousands of visitors to the three-day event. The event raises up to $200,000 that helps to fund eight local charities. Mark your calendar ... and bring your friends and family for a close-up view of some exceptional properties!

Looking for an undeveloped lot? SML's lakefront is about 70% developed, but undeveloped lakefront lots are still available. You can pay $50K for a lot with water access, $100K for a steep lot with an inspiring lakeview, or $250K or more for a large lakefront lot that may already include a $50K dock. For a bit more, you can buy a waterfront lot with a coveted view of the Smith Mountain "gap."

If you consider buying a lot or home without a dock, ask your real estate buyer's agent (or attorney) to carefully check the dock-building regulations. You will need at least 100 feet of waterfront to build a new dock on your lot. If a dock is included, ask your attorney to confirm that it was properly permitted and built according to an approved plan.


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If you're planning to buy a condo or house, and then offer it as a vacation rental to help pay the mortgage, be sure to first check county, subdivision, and homeowner association rules and regulations. Vacation rental restrictions and prohibitions are increasing as the popularity of vacation rentals grows. Bedford County (on the north side of SML) is much more friendly to vacation rentals than Franklin County.

If you need high-speed Internet and cable TV access, Franklin County (on the south side of SML) is your best bet. Bedford County is not as well-served, but is very rapidly improving. Cellular phone service, including Verizon's LTE and AT&T's 3G, is accessible on much of the lake. If cable, Internet, or cell service are important to you - test them yourself, including a WiFi "speed test," or you may weep later.

If you want to buy or rent Smith Mountain Lake real estate, or book an SML vacation rental, dozens of experienced professionals can help you to find your "perfect SML vacation or retirement home." Call any of these brokers with SML offices:

Smith Mountain Lake Development Issues

Until 2007, the rapid pace of development had residents and three county governments scrambling to protect the lakefront environment and to provide new infrastructure. The recession slowed development and reduced those pressures, but new construction is again underway.

Smith Mountain Lake (February); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

Lake water quality is preserved as responsible new home construction retains natural waterfront buffers of native trees and vegetation that filter lake pollutants like lawn fertilizers and pesticides. SML water quality is excellent, largely due to the vigilance of organizations like Smith Mountain Lake Association (SMLA) and Tri-County Lake Administrative Commission (TLAC).

All three lakefront counties forbid the feeding of geese and other waterfowl within 500 feet of the lake, to help control fecal coliform. Franklin County enforces regular five-year maintenance and pump-out of septic systems near the lake. Boaters and homeowners may not dump wastes of any kind into Smith Mountain Lake, including fallen leaves. SMLA has recorded and publicized water quality test results continuously since 1987 - a database that is unmatched by any other major lake in the USA - supported by dozens of residential volunteers and by generous Ferrum College faculty and their students.

SML (November); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

Aquatic invasive species pose a major threat to nearly all USA lakes. The three counties surrounding SML initially responded to non-native weeds with funding for targeted chemical treatments to limit weeds' spread. In 2013, sterile grass carp (voracious consumers of hydrilla and other invasive weeds) were introduced to the lake - in controlled numbers carefully calculated to limit their effect on desireable native vegetation. That program has been successful; grass carp are added each year as needed, in weed-impacted areas.

Invasive zebra and quagga mussels are a threat, migrating southeast from the Great Lakes and hitchhiking nationwide on trailered boats from infested lakes. SML so far remains free of these noxious pests, which have no natural enemy or cost-effective chemical treatment; they cannot be remediated. Virginia is one of just 17 states that remain uninfested, and is surrounded by states that are infested - except for mussel-free North Carolina. No government or organization has taken effective action to block their arrival in Virginia, or at SML. Invasive species are illegal to transport here; visitors should "Clean, Drain, and Dry" all trailered boats before launching in SML. Better yet, rent a mussel-free boat at one of SML's marinas!


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There is no "town level" of government at Smith Mountain Lake, so the three lake-surrounding county governments provide safety and public services and infrastructure needs. Private wells and septic systems are most common, but public water and sewage system availability is growing. The lake itself is a growing source of public water.

SML (September - Blue Heron); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

The three county governments, Appalachian Power Company, and the U.S. Corps of Engineers control lake development. Ferrum College and volunteer organizations like SMLA and TLAC monitor water quality. Some local residents and organizations want to establish an additional local level of taxation and control - a special tax district or a town of Smith Mountain Lake spanning all three lakefront counties, to support an increase in tax-based services provided around the lake. The result would be dedicated funding for critical needs like water quality, at the expense of higher taxes. Most residents have opposed a lake-based tax district.

To better understand SML development issues:


Among the lake's many water activities are power boating, canoeing, sailing, parasailing, swimming, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and jet skiing. SML's lakefront includes seven free public boat launching sites, plus paid launches at more than a dozen marinas. Some lakeside developments maintain their own private ramps. A map of free public launches is included below in "Boating".

Smith Mountain Lake (August); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

Off-water you'll enjoy sightseeing that includes many spectacular views of Smith Mountain Lake's gently mountainous 500-mile shoreline. Five challenging golf courses surround the lake. The SML State Park includes many miles of hiking trails. The lake also offers picnicking, camping, hunting, antiquing, shopping, and relaxing. Restaurants at waterfront and nearby offer everything from pizza and sandwiches to prime rib buffets and gourmet cuisine.

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"A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature." - from vpn下 by Henry David Thoreau, 1854.

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SML (July); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

Amusements at Smith Mountain Lake

Blackwater Junction is a cable park that offers an active water sports lifestyle in a safe, healthy, family friendly, and environmentally conscious setting. Located just off SML, the complex offers wakeboarding and wakeskating for riders of all skill levels. Franklin County, 456 Bethel Lane, Union Hall, Virginia.

Hot Shots family entertainment center features a miniature golf course, bumper boat pool with water blasters, and a large selection of video and arcade games. Refreshments, pizza and sandwiches are also available. Summer hours: 10AM-10PM daily. Franklin County, 67 Village View Ln., Moneta. 540-719-1547.

Harbortown Miniature Golf Course is located over the water. Summer hours: 11AM-10PM daily. A game arcade is located nearby. Franklin County, Bridgewater Plaza at Hales Ford Bridge. 540-721-5959.

Westlake Safari Mini Golf features miniature golf with food available at the adjacent Joe's Restaurant. Summer hours: 11AM-9PM daily. Franklin County, 130 Scruggs Rd., Moneta. 540-721-2422.


Many marinas and independent operators offer 苹果下架VPN是法治的胜利_荔枝网新闻:2021-8-4 · 日前,苹果公司CEO蒂姆库克回应苹果应用商店中国区将VPN下架一事说,我们在遵守当地法律的情况下在当地开展生意。由此可见,在中国互联网法治化和经济快速发展的语境下,有违相关规定的苹果公司才下架中国区应用商店里的VPN。. You'll find pontoon boats starting at $160 for 8+ hours, plus ski boats, PWCs, powered fishing boats, runabouts, houseboats, and more. If you bring your own boat, you can launch it at private marinas - check our map of free public boat ramps. Either way, bring your fishing gear, water skis, or wakeboard - and plan a day of water sports and sightseeing on the water.

Churches at Smith Mountain Lake

Many churches near Smith Mountain Lake operate websites that describe their worship programs and services.

Cruising & Sailing at Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake (June - Virginia Dare); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

To view lakefront scenery and homes from the water (April-December), you can cruise the Virginia Dare, a 19th century side paddlewheeler. The 2-hour cruise, which starts near the State Park, covers 10 miles of the easternmost shores of SML, including Smith Mountain Dam. Lunch or dinner are available onboard; there's also an inexpensive sightsee-only option. 540-297-7100.

Sailing is popular at the lake, especially near the dam - where the water is "widest" and winds are strongest. If you're not already a sailor, you can learn to sail at Smith Mountain Lake Sailing School (Pete Phillip, Director, 540-719-0009).

Distillery, Wineries

Virginia's notorious Franklin County moonshiners were popularized in the 2012 movie "Lawless." Today, even the Feds can't help but like us. You will need your ID (legal, please) to try the goods.

Franklin County Distilleries birthed and bottles White Label Corn Whiskey in the Moonshine Capital of America, Franklin County, Virginia. It builds on the brand that bootleggers built, and offers a true taste of history in every bottle. 5156 Highway 220, Boones Mill. Call 540/721-5215 to arrange a tasting. Don't worry, they won't tell the Feds - or your Ma and Pa.

Brooks Mill Winery is a small farm fruit winery located near SML in Wirtz. They produce wines from blueberries, pears, apples, peaches, and cherries. Call 540/721-5215 to arrange a tasting.

Hickory Hill Winery produces 100% local makes with over 70 medals and awards for quality and agri-business. Call 540/296-1393 to arrange a tasting.

Events, Interest Groups, and News at SML

The lake community supports a wide range of interests. Many of these interests are promoted by not-for-profit community organizations - including antique boating, the arts, ballroom and square dancing, contract and duplicate bridge, fishing, gardening, piloting, quilting, Scouting, water skiing, yacht racing, and much more.

May: Attend the Smith Mountain Lake Beer & BBQ Festival, on the first Saturday each May. Route 122 & Route 608, Downtown Moneta, Virginia. Details, tickets: 540-721-1203.

September: Get your tickets now for the 30th “宅家必备”——图书馆数字资源校外访问指南 - 手机新蓝网:2021-1-30 · 登录VPN(校外访校内资源)系统时,如果遇到用户名和密码问题请询问学校 网络安全与信息化办公室(南山: 87164613;象山:87202183)。2 合理使用数据库资源。如在知网等数据库中下载全文时,请勿使用文献管理软件进行批量操作,以免下载量过大导致端口被, Sept. 29-30, at Crazy Horse Campground (off Scruggs Rd.) This year features 30 wineries and over 80 crafters and food vendors. Proceeds support local charities.

October: Plan now to attend the Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour, starting on the second Friday every October. This three-day event features eight beautiful waterfront homes. The proceeds support local charities.

October: The SML Rotary Club's charity fundraiser Nite at The Races, 5:30PM-10:00PM on the third Saturday every October, features simulated horse racing, funny money, great food, dozens of valuable prizes, a "Kentucky Derby" Ladies Hat Parade, and camaraderie. Visit the website to reserve tickets, name horses, or advertise in the event program.

For vp下载苹果, check the SML Events Calendar from the SML Regional Chamber of Commerce.

WSLK 880 is the lake's only broadcast radio station; it's 880 on your AM radio dial and will let you know "what's happening" at SML, anytime during its broadcasting hours (dawn to dusk).

The Laker Magazine is Virginia's "Luxury Lake Lifestyle Magazine" and a great source of more information about SML.


Smith Mountain Lake stocks striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass - and is home to crappie, catfish, and muskellunge. Elusive walleyes breed naturally in small numbers. SML and its neighbor Leesville Lake hold two Virginia state freshwater fishing records - a 53 lb. striped bass and a 2 lb. 6 oz. Roanoke bass.

Bassmaster rates SML among the USA's best bass lakes. In 2017, it ranked 14th in the field of 25 top bass fishing lakes in the Northeastern Division, which stretches from Virginia to Maine. ESPN has sponsored and nationally broadcast the Blue Ridge Brawl Pro Tournament (a Bassmaster Elite Series Event) at Smith Mountain Lake - and has awarded more than $1 million in prizes here.

Dog Day Afternoon at SML; Copyright 2011 Brian Raub

There are more than a dozen guides who can help you to catch gamefish at SML. Fishing guides include Captains Spike & Kathy Franceshini (540-297-5611), Captain Dale Wilson (540-874-4950), Captain Kenny Short (540-493-9541), Captain Daniel Bertiaume (540-521-8235), Captain Todd at Shad Taxi (540-797-2528), and Captain Dewayne Lamb (540-721-1175).

If you plan to fish here, a Virginia State Fishing License is required. You can buy and print one online today at Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries - or buy one in person at the Kroger store at Westlake near the intersection of Rt. 616 (Scruggs Rd.) and Rt. 122 (Booker T. Washington Hwy.)

Golf Courses at Smith Mountain Lake

Golf is a prime attraction at the lake. Two private waterfront golf courses serve residents of The Waterfront and The Water's Edge subdivisions. Three public and semi-private golf courses serve vacationers - and SML residents who live outside those subdivisions:


The Franklin County YMCA at the lake opened in 2008. It offers full cardio and strength training, free weights, circuit training, personal training, aerobics, aerobics classes, raquetball, indoor tennis, tennis lessons, a full gym with walking track, basketball and raquetball training clinics, a masseuse, childrens' programs, children's summer camp, a nursery, and more. Visiting YMCA "AWAY" members are welcome for up to twelve days. For others, your first visit is free. Extended access for lake vacationers is available to families by the week, or to individuals by the day. This YMCA is located in LakeWatch Plantation off Rt. 122, between Westlake and Hales Ford Bridge, near the Bank of Botetourt. 293 Firstwatch Dr., Moneta, Virginia. 540-721-9622.

The Westlake Carilion Wellness Center (Franklin County) offers a full complement of fitness equipment and classes, plus an aquatics center with a 25-yard swimming pool, therapy pool, and hot tub. For families visiting Smith Mountain Lake or considering permanent membership, short-term memberships are available; call for details. 157 Westlake Rd., off Rt. 122 (near Kroger), Moneta, Virginia. 540-719-3150.

Movie Theater at Smith Mountain Lake

Westlake Cinema offers a four-plex movie theater with stadium seating, 3D features, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and headphones for the hearing impaired. Franklin County, 84 Westlake Road (Westlake Towne Center), Suite 117, Hardy, Virginia. 540-721-6326

Smith Mountain (May); Photo Copyright 2011 Brian Raub


Looking for restaurants -- or America's best ice cream -- at SML? You'll find two dozen sit-down restaurants, plus a few more that serve "fast food" for optional take-out. Many are seasonal (summer-only) and most are closed at least one day per week; always call to confirm hours. Restaurants are listed alphabetically; those with $$$$ are most expensive:


See our Smith Mountain Lake Restaurant Directory for a complete list of nearby restaurants.

Lakefront & Lakeview Restaurants

America's Best Ice Cream

We think that this small local dairy makes America's best ice cream, and the National Ice Cream Retailers Association awarded their chocolate a blue ribbon (first place) in 2016. Homestead's ice cream cones are large and reasonably priced. Cones are available at the dairy in Burnt Chimney (Wirtz), and at a food trailer (summer weekends) located at the "General Store" on Rt. 616 in Westlake (Moneta). You can also buy $5 quarts at the dairy, and at some local food markets (including Kroger). This is a treat that you won't want to miss when you visit Smith Mountain Lake. [No, we have no connection to the dairy.]


SML State Park

SML State Park; Photo Copyright 2003 Brian Raub

Even though Smith Mountain Lake is the second largest lake in Virginia, SML State Park is not just for water enthusiasts. In addition to traditional water sports like swimming, fishing, boating, and boat launching, State Park guests enjoy hiking, camping, picnicking and more.

The State Park was established in 1967. Construction began in 1975 and the park was opened to the public in 1983. There's a visitors' center with many interesting exhibits, including one detailing the history and folklore of Smith Mountain Lake.


There are also hiking trails, fishing (which requires a Virginia Fishing License), swimming at a 500-foot-long beach, picnic areas, RV hook-ups, 50 primitive campsites, cabin rentals, and assorted programs such as night hikes, canoe trips and wilderness skills training. The park totals 1,506 acres with 16 miles of lakefront.

Location: SML State Park is located in Bedford County, Huddleston, Virginia, on the northern side of the lake, off Rt. 626 (Smith Mountain Lake Parkway). Call 540-297-6066 or 800-933-PARK.

Franklin County's Smith Mountain Lake Park

Rotary Playground at SML; Photo Copyright 2007 Brian Raub

The 37-acre Smith Mountain Lake Community Park opened in June 2007. Funded by Franklin County Parks and Recreation, it provides a family oriented, ADA equipped facility for fishing and family recreation. Its partly-covered fishing pier is the largest at SML, and is located in a spot known for striped bass. There's also a hiking trail, picnic shelter, and limited parking. Additional park features include a free public beach, bath house, and 100+ parking spaces.

The Rotary Club of Smith Mountain Lake created and maintains a playground within the park that provides equipment for children, including those of ADA families.

There's no park admission fee but a vp下载 is required to fish anywhere at Smith Mountain Lake, including the park pier. Strict enforcement of fishing regulations, noise, litter, speeding, and traffic laws is provided by VDGIF and by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Location: Franklin County's park is located on the south side of the lake, off Rt. 616 (Scruggs Rd.). From Rt. 616, turn left on Rt. 949 (Bluewater Dr.), right on Saunders Farm Rd., right on Winding Waters Rd., then left on Parkway Dr. Follow Parkway Dr. to the park.


Another popular attraction at SML is Appalachian Power Company's Smith Mountain Dam Visitors' Center. More than one million people have visited since its opening in May of 1967. At the Center, you can see an audio-visual presentation that shows how the dam was built. There's also a wall mural, showing Smith Mountain Gap - now filled with water - before construction of the dam.


Models of the Smith Mountain Lake and Leesville dams describe the pumped storage principle. There are many more exhibits that show you how the dams produce electricity, offering an educational experience for lake visitors of all ages.

There's no admission fee for the Center. April-October, exhibits are usually open Sunday Noon-4:30PM and Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-4:30PM (closed on Monday and holidays). At other times of year, exhibits are usually open Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-4:30PM (closed on Sunday, Monday, and holidays). Please call to confirm hours. Reservations can be made for group tours.

Location: Smith Mountain Dam Visitors Center is located at the eastern edge of the lake in Pittsylvania County, off Rt. 908 at 2072 Ford Rd., Sandy Level, Virginia. Follow Rt. 626 to Rt. 751, where you'll see a sign to Smith Mountain Dam Visitors Center. Call 540-985-2587 for hours and detailed directions.


Waterfall near Blue Ridge Parkway; Photo Copyright 1998 Brian Raub

While visiting Smith Mountain Lake, you can also drive the Blue Ridge Parkway; three entrances are located near the lake. The Blue Ridge Parkway is the most frequently visited park in the USA's National Park System. Seventeen million visitors travel its road and enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway every year.

Butterfly Bush; Photo Copyright 1998 Brian Raub

Within the 470-mile-long Blue Ridge Parkway are eleven visitor centers, plus cabins, lodges, restaurants, campgrounds, picnic areas, trails, overlooks, and private facilities. Park visitors can enjoy hiking, waterfalls, beautiful nature life, including wildflowers in the spring and beautifully colored trees in the fall, cultural and historical demonstrations, photography, guided walks and tours, traditional mountain music programs, birdwatching, and bicycling.

Location, Northern Entry: From Moneta, Virginia, follow Rt. 122 north to Bedford, then Rt. 43 northwest until it intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Location, Central Entry: From Moneta, Virginia, follow Rt. 122 north toward Bedford, then Rt. 24 west until it intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Location, Southern Entry: From Moneta, Virginia, follow Rt. 122 south to Rocky Mount, then Rt. 220 north until it intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Booker T. Washington National Monument

Many lake visitors stop to see the Booker T. Washington National Monument. The monument is one of only twelve African-American history sites of the 425 National Park Service units in existence. It was constructed in June of 1957 by Presidential Proclamation. The park commemorates the life of Booker T. Washington. It's a unique experience that allows the American public to view what slavery was like and how the plantation system worked. Located on the old Burrough's plantation, it allows people to see how unkindly most slaves were treated.

Booker T. Washington National Monument; Photo Copyright 1998 Brian Raub

Booker Taliaferro Washington was born a slave on the Burrough's tobacco plantation in 1856 and died in 1915. After being freed at age 9, he left the plantation to pursue an education. He is now remembered internationally as an educator, author, orator, college president, and spokesman for African-Americans.

The Booker T. Washington National Monument includes preserved plantation buildings - slave quarters, a tobacco barn, a smokehouse, and a tool shop. There are also farm animals - pigs, ducks, turkeys, geese, chickens, and cows - for children (and their parents) to enjoy. The monument is open year-round from 9:00AM- 5:00PM, excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Location: Franklin County, Virginia, 12130 Booker T. Washington Hwy., Hardy, Virginia 24101. 540-721-2094.



June 6, 1944 forever changed the course of history. Yet in the United States, there was no National Memorial to D-Day ... until the summer of 2001, when the architecturally stunning National D-Day Memorial opened in nearby Bedford, Virginia.

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization established to maintain a memorial complex for the nation's remembrance of D-Day. The Foundation exists to memorialize the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the Allied Armed Forces on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

The multi-million dollar memorial is a moving tribute to the thousands of young men who gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy France to ensure freedom and democracy worldwide. Bedford Virginia was chosen as the home for the memorial because Bedford lost the most men per capita of any United States municipality on D-Day. Take your camera, and be sure to capture the beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains - including the Peaks of Otter - from the grounds of the Memorial.

Location: The National D-Day Memorial is located in Bedford County, Virginia, about 30 minutes' drive north of Smith Mountain Lake. The memorial is located at the interchange of State Routes 460 Bypass and 122, in the city of Bedford, between Roanoke and Lynchburg, Virginia. 540-586-DDAY.

Other Local & Nearby Attractions

Boating on Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake (December - Boat Parade); Photo Copyright 2006 Ted Pratt

When you boat at SML, please be careful and courteous. The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries is an excellent source of information about safe boating, boating laws, and public access ramps. Here are some highlights for new boaters at SML ...

Clean, Drain, and Dry for 7 Days!

SML is free of most non-native, aquatic invasive species (AIS), and we want to keep it that way. You can help by NOT allowing weeds, zebra or quagga mussels, and other noxious aquatic hitchhikers to come to the lake with you - on your boat or boat trailer. You are our first line of defense. Here's a brochure that Texas uses to explain how to Clean, Drain and Dry your boat and trailer.

Boat Rentals at Smith Mountain Lake

Several companies on SML's shoreline rent power boats - pontoon boats, deck boats, ski boats, PWCs, fishing boats, house boats, and more. Many also sell marine gas and rent kayaks, paddle boards, tubes, skis, wake boards, knee boards, and more. See our list of boat rental companies at 苹果下架VPN是法治的胜利_荔枝网新闻:2021-8-4 · 日前,苹果公司CEO蒂姆库克回应苹果应用商店中国区将VPN下架一事说,我们在遵守当地法律的情况下在当地开展生意。由此可见,在中国互联网法治化和经济快速发展的语境下,有违相关规定的苹果公司才下架中国区应用商店里的VPN。 for details.

Boating Courtesy and Safety at Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake is Virginia's busiest recreational freshwater body. In 2006, the Virginia Assembly increased funding for enforcement of boating safety and noise laws; Virginia's Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) increased the number and visibility of patrols on the lake's 20,600 acres. In 2007, the Virginia Assembly passed a law mandating safe boating education for operators that has been phasing in, by age group, over several years.

All Virginia boat operators must show proof that they have received safety education. An attempt to exclude boaters older than 42 from the safety education requirement is opposed by SMLA and the SML Chamber of Commerce. An SML legislator, Sen. Bill Stanley, is a leader in the effort to weaken the law. The weakening legislation was defeated in 2015, but may be reintroduced in 2017.

SMLA successfully lobbied for the boater safety education mandate, but their request for boating speed limits failed to pass the Virginia legislature in 2007 and 2008. There are no boating horsepower limits on SML.


If you bring your boat to SML, please first clean your boat, boat trailer, and bait box - to prevent fouling Smith Mountain Lake with invasive weeds, or zebra and quagga mussels that you may have picked up on another body of water. Invasive weeds can quickly grow so thickly that they prevent navigation near boat ramps and in shallow coves. Don't wash your boat near the water because hitchhiking weeds, weed fragments, or invasive mussel eggs ("veligers") can wash into the lake. Instead, power wash your boat and trailer at a car wash away from the lake - iPhone这个功能一定慎用!一张照片马上就能被定位-千龙网· ...:2021-11-27 · (原标题:iPhone这个功能一定慎用!不管晒什么,有人都能找到你) “用苹果6S或7的小伙伴们,一定要慎重使用‘活的照片’功能。早上传了张孩子 .... And don't forget to thoroughly clean your bait box and lures to remove all plant materials. SML is currently free of zebra and quagga mussels, and we want to keep it that way!

vp下载苹果 A detailed map of SML (like the waterproof map shown below) will help you to locate six public access boat ramps on Smith Mountain Lake. You can also click on the map links below for details, but the navigation markers referenced below are visible only on printed lake maps.

Boat ramps/launches are listed in order from the most northern launch on the Roanoke River (at navigation marker R87) to the most southwestern launches on the Blackwater River (B12) and Bull Run (BR3). Here's a map of all public access boat ramps/launches.

Smith Mountain Lake Marinas with Boat Gas

If you need to gas up your boat while cruising SML, here's where to go. Call each marina first for hours, map directions, and updated gas prices.


Be sure to buy (and carefully study) your waterproof map of SML - $9 (plus $1.75 postage) from the Smith Mountain Lake Association (540-719-0690) - before you go boating, or you may not be able to find all of these marinas. You can also buy the latest map (updated in 2006) from some local marinas.

Many marinas are not open on weekdays, and just a few SML marinas are open year-round. Some marinas are open vpn下 during peak-season summer weekends. Be sure to call each marina first to confirm hours of fuel availability. Never run out of gas unless you have paddles, strong muscles, a marine radio or cell phone, lots of patience, and a tow rope aboard.

These marinas with boat gas are listed by nearest Smith Mountain Lake Marker number, starting from north to south on the Roanoke River, then up the Blackwater River and Gills Creek. Study your SML map. Most marinas offer 89 octane gas for boat use. Gas prices vary substantially by marina, and are typically 20 to 50 cents higher than off-water gas prices.

If a listed marina has closed, or an unlisted marina should be added, or marker directions are "way off", please call us to request an update at 540-721-3327. Remember that you are responsible for verifying all listed info 免费Ⅴpn安卓 you go boating on Smith Mountain Lake!

How the Smith Mountain Dam Works


Built and operated by Appalachian Power Company, Smith Mountain Lake and Dam (the "vp下载") was first conceived in 1924. But many considered the project impractical until the pouring of concrete at Smith Mountain Gap began in June 1961. By November 1962, Virginia roads and bridges that would be affected by the lake had been rebuilt. On September 24, 1963, the Smith Mountain Dam was closed and the lake began to form. Two and one-half years later, on March 7, 1966, the 20,600-acre Smith Mountain Lake reached full-pond at 795 feet above sea level.


Smith Mountain Dam is 235 feet tall, 816 feet long, and 30 feet thick. Its five hydroelectric power-generating units produce 656,000 kilowatts. The first four units cost $66 million in 1964; the fifth unit cost $37 million in 1979.

The operation of Smith Mountain Dam uses two natural resources, water and coal, through a process known as pumped storage. Water from Smith Mountain Lake goes through turbine generators in the Smith Mountain Dam powerhouse and produces electricity. Instead of the "used" water rushing downstream, much of it is caught by the Leesville Dam, a smaller dam below Smith Mountain Dam. The water is then pumped back into Smith Mountain Lake and used again. Some passes through turbine generators in Leesville, making more electricity.

Smith Mountain Dam; Photo Copyright 1998 Brian Raub

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Getting to Smith Mountain Lake

Click for Google Map of SML

If you're traveling by car, there are many ways to reach the lake. Most approaches involve challenging mountain roads that can be treacherous for the uninitiated, especially at night. Here's a route that's not the shortest possible - but it's nearly free of bad curves. Follow I-81 toward Roanoke, then I-581 east approximately 7 miles to State Rt. 24 (I-581 Exit 6). Follow State Rt. 24 east for about 22 miles until you reach State Rt. 122. Follow State Rt. 122 southwest about 6 miles to Moneta. Moneta is just north of the only major bridge that crosses Smith Mountain Lake and offers easy access to any part of the lake.

If you enjoy driving winding mountain roads, consult a map and try approaching Moneta daytime via Rt. 43 (toughest), Rt. 116 "Windy Gap", the Blue Ridge Parkway to its Virginia Rt. 24 exit, or Rt. 634 "Hardy Road" (easiest).

For a map and driving directions, start with this interactive map: Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia - courtesy of Google.


If you plan to arrive by private airplane, there's a general aviation airport, Smith Mountain Lake Airport (airport identifier: W91), with a 3,100-foot paved runway. It's located in Bedford County on the north side of the lake, about 2 miles from SML State Park, at 1090 Cutlass Rd., Moneta. Contact: Joe Borgess, Owner/Operator. 540-297-4500.

Also check W90 (New London Airport), north of Smith Mountain Lake in Forest Virginia, near Lynchburg.

If you're not flying your own plane, three commercial airports are nearby. Roanoke Virginia Airport (ROA, 50 flights daily) is located 30-75 minutes northwest of SML. The smaller Lynchburg Virginia Airport (LYH, 12 flights daily) is located to the northeast, 30-75 minutes from the lake. The Greensboro NC Airport (GSO, about 60 flights daily), aka Piedmont Triad International Airport is located 75-120 minutes south of Smith Mountain Lake. Airport drive times vary widely because the lake itself is 40 miles long. Be sure to check airfares at all three airports.

Member, SML Chamber of Commerce

For tourism and relocation information by regular US Mail, contact the SML Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center at 540-721-1203. Funded by more than 750 members, the SML Chamber is expertly staffed year-round to answer your questions about living, working, operating a business, and vacationing at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. The Chamber operates the SML Visitor Center in Bridgewater Plaza on the south side of Hales Ford Bridge (Rt. 122).

Wikipedia: Smith Mountain Lake includes more historical background, discussion of the contentious Shoreline Management Plan, and more.

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